Critical essays

When you observe Antonio Corbo ’s painting in its totality, you cross a creative flow in continuous and incessant movement, an emotional journey marked by a dense and engaging visual intuition of an artist able to renew and regenerate without breaks, offering a gallery of pictorial evolving images. A strong sense of contemporary, therefore, is the leitmotif of his painting, whose roots lie consciously in a constant and stubborn research into the culture of his time, distinctive elements of a strong avant-garde attitude that is able, therefore, first to retain and then to communicate, the evolutionary traits of the visual arts. His creative path appears underpinned by expressively eloquent moments, instants of dilated artistic ontological thought in continuous transformation, following the lead of perennial experiences, visions and research that lead to the experimentation of new materials and of painting techniques. Its production is marked – albeit with fluidity – by the combination visions / thematic and by recognizable stylistic features that cut through borders deep inside his personal creative development. From the beginning to the last phase of his artistic development, Antonio Corbo translates the reality through investigation, intimate and emotional, of newer and newer iconographic and conceptual assets: from the figure to the landscape, from the works of strong religious connotation to the still lives, from the politic thoughts to the conceptual items, up to the poetry. His artistic research frequently draws inspiration from the surveys conducted in the contemporary field of culture; a process full of reflections, listening and questions translated by the author with method and planning. The intimate sphere has affected the production of paintings from the beginning of his career and this aspect, after many years, has never been overlooked by the artist in view of the changed stylistic approaches.

Silvia Valente

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