Critical essays

PAOLO LEVI on the occasion of the First International Art Empire Trophy (Vienna Paris-Rome)

Antonio Corbo is a very talented painter, whose informal painting pays homage to a style that, often, it’s difficult to compare. The chromatic experimentation that Corbo performs in his works is impressive, and when you stare at his works is like looking at a raging river, an unstoppable, creative river that suddenly engages the senses, dragging him into a vortex in which the perception of the world is colorful and ever-changing. The pictorial edge that distinguishes his work is the result of a deep and accurate study conducted by following the artistic experiences and not the artist himself, who, by acquiring information, revises and reorganizes them into the pictures fixed on canvas.

An artistic production, extended in styles and subjects that never abandons the personal sphere in which the artist speaks of himself through a strong symbolism and a concept of signs to decipher.

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